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S.D.I. Investigative Services is a full service Private Investigation agency offering expertise in the following areas:

- Employee Theft Investigations

- Pre-Employment / Personal Background Checks

- Workman's Compensation and Insurance Fraud Investigations

- Custodial Dispute Investigations

- Aerial Surveillance

- Undercover Operations

- 24-hour Tailing, Surveillance, Photograph and Video

- Spousal Activity Investigations

- Accident Reconstruction

- Process Serving- Serves-U-Right Process Service

- Theft Investigations

- Locate Investigations

- Skip Tracing

- More!

We also offer expertise in:

Statement Gathering and Interviews
will locate and retrieve statements of any witnesses

Complete Asset Searches
Learn more about the financial worth, property holdings, investments and stability of any individual, business or corporation

Computerized Record Searches
Upon client's request, S.D.I. can search select online and accessible databases to provide such information as subject criminal backgrounds, marital status, etc. 

"Concept Loss Prevention"
This program was developed to help keep customer service in mind. It is very similar to "Contract Loss Prevention", but does not focus as strongly on the apprehension of a shoplifter. The program focuses more toward a deterrent method "Prevention Before Detention".

U.C.R.O. - "Undercover Retail Operation"
This is a program developed more for the "internal investigation". If you feel there is an internal theft problem, or any other type of problem in your organization, this will allow you the opportunity to place an undercover operative into the work environment. He or she will report daily on all activity that takes place until the problem is solved.

Retail Loss Prevention Consulting
An assessment for any type of business concerned about cutting loss and promoting employee awareness.

Secret Shopper Program
A program designed to help any business owner or operator evaluate their staffs integrity and customer service abilities.